Kari of KH Formatting is the type of person that everyone needs in their corner. Not only did she format my book The Patient in Room 432, and took it to the next level of professionalism, she stood by my side through the whole process of publishing. When things got too much for me, she took over to ease my pain. I highly recommend them to anyone that needs assistance in formatting, publishing, or anything in between.

Tracey Murillo

I am a writer. Not a formatter. I don’t have the time or expertise to figure it all out. Nor the patience. KH Formatting (Kari) produced a paperback and Kindle in record time. This is my first book, but not my last with KH. Of course, being a guy with too little knowledge on the subject, I ran into problems. But Kari was right there to guide me through it. Now, it’s a waiting game for KDP to approve. Should you wish to see the work, check it out on Amazon three days from now. Ghosts of the Big Sandy River. Thank you so much, KH Formatting (Kari). My next manuscript, as well others to follow, will head your way once finished!

Eddie Hartshorn

I spent months trying to tweak the dimensions of my photopoetry book so that Amazon would accept the file for paperback. I was so frustrated that I gave up. Then, one day a few months later, I saw an ad for KH Formatting. I assumed (wrongly) that she only did text formatting, but I messaged her nonetheless. She agreed to try to help (at a VERY inexpensive rate!) and after a few back-and-forth issues with Amazon, my book was successfully accepted for print production this morning! I would recommend Kari to anyone for ANY formatting (preferably BEFORE you stress yourself out for months on end) because she knows how to get the job done quickly and painlessly!

Necia N. Campbell

KH formatting was so patient and walked me through more than just the formatting process. She helped me so much in finding out how to publish my book and the self publishing process. I will continue to use KH formatting for any needs I have in the future! Thank you so much!

Lizzy Hillyer

kari was on top of things know what she is doing I will always want her format magic to finish my books. she rocks!

Stephanie Behrens

I recently used KH Formatting for the first time. The quality was second to none, I will use KH for all my formatting from here on out.

A.L. White

Kari has helped me format some of my own stories and some I helped publish for other people. Her book Writers Guide to Microsoft Word is so very helpful. She knows all the ins and outs of formatting and is very patient with the beginners. I would recommend her to everyone I know.

Karen Jones

I am so happy I trusted my instincts and chose Kari as my formatter. She is so professional, timely and most of all, she’s helpful. She has helped me through this process so much and I’m grateful for all of her advice and help. I hope she will format all of my books!

Sherry Tschida

I trust Kari with all my formatting needs. She handled all the charts in Five Minutes to Success: Master the Craft of Writing on both ebook and paperback, which was not an easy feat. Always quick and dependable, she’s a pleasure to work with.

Wendy Vogel

Kari is great to work with, very knowledgeable and professional. She went above and beyond to help me format and self-publish my book.

Laurie Gardiner