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Vanity Publishers: A Quick Guide to Identify

Vanity publishers prey on the impatient, the lost, and the overwhelmed. They look for writers who don’t know what is standard, they use flowery words and “important" phrases to capture the “I can’t wait,” and they promise to do all the heavy lifting. It looks good. It looks promising. Until you peel back the plastic and discover… Continue reading Vanity Publishers: A Quick Guide to Identify

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Indie Publishing Companies? Improper Terminology

Indie Publishing Companies are not a thing. Before you argue, if you are indie/self-published, you are the company. I think many don't know how the proper terms, and it tends to self-perpetuate a misunderstanding. A publisher is a company that handles all the steps (traditional) or some of the steps (hybrid). If you're indie, you're… Continue reading Indie Publishing Companies? Improper Terminology