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Say it Ain’t So by Dennis Doty

I see a lot of questionable or false information offered in various writing groups. So, the purpose of this post is to dispel some of the myths and offer advice which will advance your career as a writer. An extremely popular myth is that you MUST have an agent to get a contract with a… Continue reading Say it Ain’t So by Dennis Doty

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Traditional Publishing & Hiring an Editor

This question gets asked a lot in writing groups— I plan on going traditional. Do I really need to hire an editor? This is a grey area. There is no "yes or no" response to it. So here are somethings to consider: Traditional publishing is a numbers game. An average agent/publisher (A/Ps) receive over a… Continue reading Traditional Publishing & Hiring an Editor



Pitmad is a Twitter event that writers with completed and polished, ready to read manuscripts participate in to find agents, and publishers who are actively looking for books. It is open to all genres every quarter, and there are some genre specific ones throughout the year. PitMad lays all the rules and regulations out on… Continue reading PitMad

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Indie Publishing Companies? Improper Terminology

Indie Publishing Companies are not a thing. Before you argue, if you are indie/self-published, you are the company. I think many don't know how the proper terms, and it tends to self-perpetuate a misunderstanding. A publisher is a company that handles all the steps (traditional) or some of the steps (hybrid). If you're indie, you're… Continue reading Indie Publishing Companies? Improper Terminology

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Is There Really a Bad Time To Publish?

I don't know where this myth started, but I see it all the time. "Oh, you shouldn't publish this month or that month." Why? Because someone's book didn't do well? Did they have a marketing plan that accommodated the time of year or did they just release it and go "well it's a bad month."… Continue reading Is There Really a Bad Time To Publish?

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Pros and Cons of Traditional Publishing

Like most things in life, traditional publishing comes with its own list of pros and cons. For many of us, there is nothing more than being traditionally published that keeps us in our seats writing, and for a vast majority of people I know, they can't decide. Traditional publication is a long process. It takes… Continue reading Pros and Cons of Traditional Publishing