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Self Edit Hacks 101

In a previous post, I took self editing and broke it down to revisions and edits along with what things should be looked at in each part. If you missed that post, you can find it here— In this post, I will cover some of my go-to hacks to make the revision and editing process… Continue reading Self Edit Hacks 101

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What Is Self-Editing

Self-editing gets thrown around, but what exactly is self-editing? We recognize it and define it in our own way. It seems logical, but for many, they don’t know where to begin or what it all entails. Each read through when we self-edit should focus on specific aspects. Structure Structure involves plot pacing and believability Readability… Continue reading What Is Self-Editing

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A Writer’s Orders of Operations

I never realized how big of a problem it was for writers to grasp or understand the correct way to go about what happens after they write the first draft. It's a question that's asked repeatedly. So today, with some help from a few editors I know—using their reasoning on some parts—this post is the… Continue reading A Writer’s Orders of Operations