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Look Inside Feature

Most sites feature a "look inside" option. This is similar to browsing in a physical store except it is limited to 10% of the entire book. You've snagged a potential reader with the title/cover. They read the blurb, they've looked at reviews, and they just haven't made that decision to click away or click buy.… Continue reading Look Inside Feature

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Can A Writer Write Well Without Reading

This topic comes up in writing groups often enough that it puzzles me. I'm sure there are questions that spring to mind, but I want to focus on the pros of how reading helps you be a better writer. Exposes us to Different Writing Styles Creating an author's voice/writing style is something that natural evolves,… Continue reading Can A Writer Write Well Without Reading

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Book Covers & What You Should Know

Book covers — I understand the fear that comes to first time writers who think covers will be some expensive part of the publishing process. Wrapped up in this fear is the thought "I can do it for cheaper, and it'll look good." The fact of the matter is, if you don't have graphic design… Continue reading Book Covers & What You Should Know