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Exploring Publishing Rights

First rights, World rights, One-time rights … the number of rights can make your head spin. Publishers look to rights, whether its first rights or reprint rights, specific markets and global. The rights dictate if something has been published before and can be the difference between earning 10¢ a word in a magazine publication vs… Continue reading Exploring Publishing Rights

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Indie Publishing Companies? Improper Terminology

Indie Publishing Companies are not a thing. Before you argue, if you are indie/self-published, you are the company. I think many don't know how the proper terms, and it tends to self-perpetuate a misunderstanding. A publisher is a company that handles all the steps (traditional) or some of the steps (hybrid). If you're indie, you're… Continue reading Indie Publishing Companies? Improper Terminology

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Is There Really a Bad Time To Publish?

I don't know where this myth started, but I see it all the time. "Oh, you shouldn't publish this month or that month." Why? Because someone's book didn't do well? Did they have a marketing plan that accommodated the time of year or did they just release it and go "well it's a bad month."… Continue reading Is There Really a Bad Time To Publish?