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Free On Amazon

Whatever the path led you here, there's only 2 ways to get a book listed as free on Amazon. Your Book Is In Kindle Select (KU) If your story is in Kindle Unlimited, you'll have access to the Promote and Advertise option for the story. Click it and you'll see the time you have left… Continue reading Free On Amazon

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Promo Stacking

Let's break it down into parts. What is promo stacking? Promo stacking is when you use newsletter swaps, paid advertisements (FB ads, ENT, Robin Reads, Pretty Hot, etc), and other means of marketing around a specific time period. What's the point of promo stacking? Promo stacking is used to increase your readership through exposure and… Continue reading Promo Stacking

Author Presence

Newsletters—Quick and Dirty

Newsletters. Every author/writer/blogger/website should have one, but with the ease of social media, many have let their subscribers stall not realizing the true power of a newsletter. So this is Quick & Dirty 101 for newsletters. How to Send Them? For most, MailChimp and MailerLite are the popular forerunners for managing subscribers and sending newsletters.… Continue reading Newsletters—Quick and Dirty

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Free vs Perma-free

There are two styles of free when it comes to books, and there's a lot of confusion about when to use them effectively. Perma-free Perma-free is when a book is free all the time on multiple distributions (Amazon, Kobo, Google Play, your website, Draft2Digital). While free all the time makes it easy to schedule promos… Continue reading Free vs Perma-free