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How Much Social Media Do You Need?

From websites to social media, writers are pulled in dozens of directions. It can be confusing and time consuming. So what do I need? The answer might surprise you. If you're confident in having a social media presence the first thing you should do is make sure your username is available on all the big… Continue reading How Much Social Media Do You Need?

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Newsletters—Quick and Dirty

Newsletters. Every author/writer/blogger/website should have one, but with the ease of social media, many have let their subscribers stall not realizing the true power of a newsletter. So this is Quick & Dirty 101 for newsletters. How to Send Them? For most, MailChimp and MailerLite are the popular forerunners for managing subscribers and sending newsletters.… Continue reading Newsletters—Quick and Dirty

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Short Stories & How to use Them for Marketing

Short stories can serve multiple purposes, and not just those interested in getting into magazines and anthologies. This post is going to walk you through the various things you can accomplish with short stories aside from just publishing them on Amazon. What is a short story? A short story is under 7500 words and can… Continue reading Short Stories & How to use Them for Marketing