Pitmad is a Twitter event that writers with completed and polished, ready to read manuscripts participate in to find agents, and publishers who are actively looking for books. It is open to all genres every quarter, and there are some genre specific ones throughout the year. PitMad lays all the rules and regulations out on… Continue reading PitMad

Author Presence, Tips & Tricks

How to Network

Networking isn't about getting the most likes or the most friends/followers. Networking is about finding similar writers in your genre and your place in the grand scheme of publication. What I mean is, someone without a finished book should probably network with people who are working on their drafts with sprinting or bouncing ideas off… Continue reading How to Network

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Approaching Book Bloggers

Book Bloggers can be your best friend or a headache that you tackle because you don’t know where else to turn for reviews. Some authors find the whole process intimidating and others find it a time-consuming sinkhole. Other authors find working with bloggers the magic that gains them new readers and valid/credible reviews. I hope… Continue reading Approaching Book Bloggers