Typesetting aka Formatting aka Look Pretty

What is typesetting? Typesetting is also known as formatting. People and some programs take your completed story and handle the layout. This could be for submissions to magazines, agents, publishers, or as many do, for self-publications in e-Book and print. What formatters don’t do. They aren’t editors, though I know some editors who also do… Continue reading Typesetting aka Formatting aka Look Pretty


Importance of Correctly Formatted EBooks

Self-publishing has come a long way. With programs like Draft2Digital (D2D) and even Amazon's own Kindle Create programs and auto-convert (KDP), it seems stupid to hire people to format books nowadays. But is convenience worth it? I won't hide the fact that I format eBook and print (KH Formatting / On FB @KHFormat), so I… Continue reading Importance of Correctly Formatted EBooks

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Title Pages—Parts of Front Matter

Publishers do various things with their layout, which may or may not follow guidelines published in books like the Chicago Manual of Style. The differences progress through hardback, print, and eBooks. The most basic of front matter is the inclusion of what is called a half-title and the full title page. A comparative photo of… Continue reading Title Pages—Parts of Front Matter