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Working with Editors

Working with editors is a hard leg on the journey of publishing. From finding recommendations, vetting their abilities, and paying for their services, it can be a complicated ride for a novice. If you’ve tried using Google, you’ve probably made your head spin from what type of editing is needed to the roller coaster of prices… Continue reading Working with Editors

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A Writer’s Orders of Operations

I never realized how big of a problem it was for writers to grasp or understand the correct way to go about what happens after they write the first draft. It's a question that's asked repeatedly. So today, with some help from a few editors I know—using their reasoning on some parts—this post is the… Continue reading A Writer’s Orders of Operations

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Editors? Worthy Investment or Total Scam?

I will not do a pros and cons thing like I do with so many posts. Editors are a worthy investment. I will break down the perks of working with one and how to find the perfect editor for you. I always say, "write for yourself, edit for the world." What I mean is write… Continue reading Editors? Worthy Investment or Total Scam?