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Book Recommendations

These are books that I own/have read. Click on the images to be taken to Amazon where you can learn more about the books, read reviews, and more. Lists Do You Know Of A Book That Belongs? Contact WwD Today! Descriptions From Procedural to Ways to Kill Romance From Sweet To Clean, Romance Is More… Continue reading Book Recommendations

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Refining Marketing

There are lots of ways to market books. Paid ads, newsletter swaps, social media blasts … the list is long. When I first started publishing, I didn’t understand the correlation between genre, ad, cover, blurb, and 10% preview. I thought it was all about the reviews. Most readers won’t know your name. What you want/think… Continue reading Refining Marketing

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Magical Number of Reviews

We’ve seen posts like this circulating on Facebook and Twitter. Authors holding hard to the line that there is a magical number of reviews when Amazon does these magical things. “Also Bought” and “You Might Like” lists These aren’t determined by a magical review count. When your book has enough sales, Amazon’s AI determines, based… Continue reading Magical Number of Reviews

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Is Kindle Select Good For Me?

Kindle Select gets confused with the Kindle program. They are not mutually exclusive. Your book can be in the Kindle program but not be in Kindle Select. Until recently (Autumn 2018), to enroll the book into Kindle Select, you had a check box on the third page of the book set up. They have now… Continue reading Is Kindle Select Good For Me?

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Is There Really a Bad Time To Publish?

I don't know where this myth started, but I see it all the time. "Oh, you shouldn't publish this month or that month." Why? Because someone's book didn't do well? Did they have a marketing plan that accommodated the time of year or did they just release it and go "well it's a bad month."… Continue reading Is There Really a Bad Time To Publish?