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When you set up eBooks on Amazon or other sites, there is a box that asks if you want to apply DRM. This post will break down what DRM is and what it is supposed to do. DRM stands for digital rights management. It is supposed to act like an anti-theft device for electronic media,… Continue reading DRM

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They Are Selling My Book For What?

Let's face it. We like to check ourselves out on Amazon from time to time. Sometimes we're hunting through the reviews, anguishing over the 1s and jumping for joy at the 5s, and something catches our eye. Here we see new/used copies of our book for sale. "How are people selling my book for double… Continue reading They Are Selling My Book For What?

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Better Together—Linking Editions on Amazon

Maybe this is your first release or your hundredth. You’ve hit publish, it’s been a week—or several months—and your two versions (eBook and print) haven’t joined up when you click on either book’s page on Amazon. Step 1: You'll need the ASIN numbers. (The identification numbers Amazon assigns your book. This is RARELY your ISBN.)… Continue reading Better Together—Linking Editions on Amazon

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Free vs Perma-free

There are two styles of free when it comes to books, and there's a lot of confusion about when to use them effectively. Perma-free Perma-free is when a book is free all the time on multiple distributions (Amazon, Kobo, Google Play, your website, Draft2Digital). While free all the time makes it easy to schedule promos… Continue reading Free vs Perma-free


Importance of Correctly Formatted EBooks

Self-publishing has come a long way. With programs like Draft2Digital (D2D) and even Amazon's own Kindle Create programs and auto-convert (KDP), it seems stupid to hire people to format books nowadays. But is convenience worth it? I won't hide the fact that I format eBook and print (KH Formatting / On FB @KHFormat), so I… Continue reading Importance of Correctly Formatted EBooks