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How Long and How Much Should XYZ Be?

Let me be frank. I never thought this would be a post. In the last week in Facebook groups, I have seen over two dozen posts in various wordings asking how little or how much people write in a day or how long chapters are supposed to be. How many words should you write a… Continue reading How Long and How Much Should XYZ Be?



Pitmad is a Twitter event that writers with completed and polished, ready to read manuscripts participate in to find agents, and publishers who are actively looking for books. It is open to all genres every quarter, and there are some genre specific ones throughout the year. PitMad lays all the rules and regulations out on… Continue reading PitMad

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Don Quixote—The First Modern Novel

Don Quixote was published in two parts—ten-year span—and written during a turbulent time in Europe. This was around the same time as Shakespeare was taking the stage and dazzling people with comedy and dramas of romance and intrigue. For the world, it will always be known as the book about the guy “tilting at windmills,”… Continue reading Don Quixote—The First Modern Novel

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Writer’s Block

We’ve heard about it, many complain about it, and others ask for advice on how to overcome it. It is the crutch and the sucker punch of writers everywhere. It’s called writer’s block. Writer’s block is all in your head. Hold up on the tar and feathers and let me explain. There isn’t just one… Continue reading Writer’s Block

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ARC Team File Management

ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) teams are some authors bread and butter. It helps expands word of mouth, gives loyal readers the chance to be part of the "me first" movement, and can stack your release week with reviews. Building a solid team can be hard: finding people, handling the files, making sure they adhere to… Continue reading ARC Team File Management