KH Formatting

I handle submission formatting and the interior formatting of books. I do not do covers, editing, or proofreading. My job is to make sure the interior of your book follows house style guides and looks good in eBook/print or submissions.

Payments can be made via Zelle, Google Pay, Paypal, Cash App. All invoices come via Paypal with project name, length, received date, and expected first looks date.

I do not format children’s picture books.

All Clients: You are sending me the final file. These are NOT the draft files with expectation of fixing them later. Changes, even on a minor scale, can affect page count/layout. Please have your front matter, book, and back matter laid out the way you want. If you don’t know about these things, please ask so that I can help you prior to you sending me the file.

Please have all images labeled. Scenebreak for an image you want as a scene break or Chapter1 and Chapter1a if there are multiple images in a chapter and have those spots labeled in your work [Chapter1] [Chapter4c] or noted in conversation “I would like the image scenebreak used for all *** scene breaks.” Images should be in PNG or JPEG. You can have the images in the Word doc, but please send the individual images as well.

Any changes due to lack of final files (IE spelling errors you, your proofer, or your editor didn’t catch or you leaving out a Call-to-Action) or front matter/back matter updates are subject to a $20 per hour fixing fee with a minimum of $20 billed.

The pricing below is subject to the condition of the file, the number of images, and the complexity of the design. For multiple projects or submission formatting, please contact me for price. Please email Kari Holloway at for all inquiries.