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How To Find Beta-Readers

If you don’t know what a beta reader is, check out this blog post— If you’ve established an online presence, such as a FB page, twitter, or a newsletter, it’s easy to find beta readers. Put out a post/send a newsletter stating that you’re looking for beta readers with relevant information (length, time frame, a… Continue reading How To Find Beta-Readers

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Is Kindle Select Good For Me?

Kindle Select gets confused with the Kindle program. They are not mutually exclusive. Your book can be in the Kindle program but not be in Kindle Select. Until recently (Autumn 2018), to enroll the book into Kindle Select, you had a check box on the third page of the book set up. They have now… Continue reading Is Kindle Select Good For Me?

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Stocking Shelves—Getting Your Book into Brick and Mortar Stores

This post is USA orientated. I have no first-hand knowledge of UK, CA, AU practices on this subject. Let's go ahead and draw a distinction between a store like Books A Million (BAM) being able to order your books for a customer and being able and willing to order copies to sit on a shelf… Continue reading Stocking Shelves—Getting Your Book into Brick and Mortar Stores

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Where Do I Go To Publish?

Where do I go to publish? This is by far one of the most frequently asked questions I see novice writers ask. If you're going traditional, then this post isn't for you. Sorry, your publisher will handle all of that. If you're indie, that list starts rather small and then blossoms into an overwhelming list.… Continue reading Where Do I Go To Publish?


What format should I publish in?

Ebook, Print, & Audio. Three different ways to get your book into your readers' hands. For some, it's an easy decision. They know from the beginning what format they will publish in. For some, does the end justify the upfront cost? Hopefully, this post will answer some of those questions. Ebooks Ebooks give the greatest… Continue reading What format should I publish in?

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Exploring Publishing Rights

First rights, World rights, One-time rights … the number of rights can make your head spin. Publishers look to rights, whether its first rights or reprint rights, specific markets and global. The rights dictate if something has been published before and can be the difference between earning 10¢ a word in a magazine publication vs… Continue reading Exploring Publishing Rights

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Indie? Indie Press? Are They the Same Thing?

For the novice, indie and indie press/publishing company can sound like the same thing. It's easy enough to confuse two things that share part of the same name. But they aren't the same thing. This quick post is to tell you the short facts about the two. Indie Indie is used by many in the… Continue reading Indie? Indie Press? Are They the Same Thing?