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Style Guides

MLA, CMoS, AP, ACS, APA (not to be confused with AP), and countless others are thrown around from grade school through college and into the professional world. Some writers complain about the different style guides, giving little thought as to their purpose. The guidelines—aka house styles—provide uniformity by topic and intent. Some house styles are… Continue reading Style Guides

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Don Quixote—The First Modern Novel

Don Quixote was published in two parts—ten-year span—and written during a turbulent time in Europe. This was around the same time as Shakespeare was taking the stage and dazzling people with comedy and dramas of romance and intrigue. For the world, it will always be known as the book about the guy “tilting at windmills,”… Continue reading Don Quixote—The First Modern Novel

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Why Do Stores Tear Off Book Covers?

If you've never worked in a bookstore or for a retailer and noticed what happens to magazines and books, then this might come as a shock. When they are "returned" to the publisher, the covers removed from the books/magazines and shipped in place of shipping the whole book. Stores don't do this for all books.… Continue reading Why Do Stores Tear Off Book Covers?

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Title Pages—Parts of Front Matter

Publishers do various things with their layout, which may or may not follow guidelines published in books like the Chicago Manual of Style. The differences progress through hardback, print, and eBooks. The most basic of front matter is the inclusion of what is called a half-title and the full title page. A comparative photo of… Continue reading Title Pages—Parts of Front Matter