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Paid Promos

Results will vary depending on genre, time of the year, if you’re marketing a standalone vs series or full price, discounted, or freebie.

I’ve covered some of my favorite resources for finding paid promos like this post by Kindlepreneur about sites to use to promote your free Amazon books. The options listed there are a good starting point, and it’s a site I still frequent despite being a post in 2016. There’s also Reedsy’s blog

Why do I recommend paid promos?

A good promo site has a steady following on various platforms. They do newsletters, social media, etc. They make money to help spread their exposure by you paying a fee and through affiliate links. They focus on specific genres and have a targeted approach.

Now, be wary of sites that want money but don’t have any proof to back up their claims. This could be a very inactive social site, their newsletters looks outdated/sparse, or no one who writes in your genre or in any large group have never heard of them. It’s also one reason I started looking at sites like Reedsy and Kindlepreneur, they verified that those sites I considered using were legit. This doesn’t mean you can’t try new sites, but don’t spend a lot for a promo site when they don’t have verifiable proof of being effective.

The sites below are ones that I have used, and I found them worthy. This isn’t all the sites I recommend, but this is a good list to start with.

Please be mindful that these sites might offer multiple genres and others might specialize in just a single genre. Knowing your genres is important for choosing the correct promos, especially when you’re discussing paid promos where a bad gamble can cost you.

Use these in promo stacking, and keep these things in mind if you’re not getting sales:

  • Is the book marketed correctly?
  • Is the cover on par to those in the top 100 of the genre you’re marketing it as?
  • Is the book in the right genres?
  • Is the book a professional product?
  • Is the blurb and cover doing their job?


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