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Look Inside Feature

Most sites feature a “look inside” option. This is similar to browsing in a physical store except it is limited to 10% of the entire book.

You’ve snagged a potential reader with the title/cover. They read the blurb, they’ve looked at reviews, and they just haven’t made that decision to click away or click buy. They are truly on the fence.

The Look Inside gives readers that final push to make the decision if your book is right for them. It reflects how the story begins, flows, transforms before their eyes, and if you can truly hook them to know more.

This option is so important in converting readers that indie authors have shifted the paradigm for ebook layout, moving a majority of front matter to back matter just to increase the chance of converting a potential customer into a customer.

This might not seem like a large deal when you only have one or two books, but if you can snag a loyal reader on any of your works, it is easier to move them to other works you have available. It stacks in your favor.


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