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Facebook Groups For Writers

As writers, we aim to keep the reader engaged and suspend their belief when able. To do this, we need to understand what would really happen and the assumptions that surround certain ideas.

Here are some useful groups to help you hammer out those details.

These next three groups have one rule in common—only professionals respond to questions. They don’t want someone to give the wrong information based on their assumptions, and they have been known to boot members who tend to go off on the “well when I was little this is how …” type response. You can ask all the questions you need, but do not give advice if you do not have a background in the niche.

Another perk of all three groups is some members have been part of their communities for decades while others are just now joining, and seeing the first hand experience with the changing of the times can be great for fleshing out well seasoned characters and novices along with seeing what could have happened with just a nudge in the right/wrong direction.

These groups are NOT for keeping you out of trouble.

Cops and Writers

This group is filled with all sorts of law enforcement from all over the world, though mainly USA and UK at this time. They are actively trying to build a community of law enforcement from every place in the world to give members the best advice for their situations.

Legal Fiction

No, this group isn’t to keep you out of hot water. This group aims to help your characters have the options available for what crime/attempted crime you need and what happens from your right to remain silent through a verdict.

Trauma Fiction

From midwives to doctors and nurses, this group is filled to the brim with professionals in the health care field. Do you need a poison, a disease, or a rash? They can give you the 411 on that and so much more.

I’m adding another group that focuses solely on marketing.


This group is the marketing hub for indies. They are not a group to ask how to get over writer’s block or what to name characters. They have an organized UNIT section spanning into the double digits that cover many common/basic topics. Look through those before you post.

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