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What the Plot

What the Plot?! created by Writing Prompts

This was a limited-run crafted game from the social media icon Writing Prompts (FB, Instagram, Tumblr).

For those who aren’t familiar with writing prompts, they are ideas for stories. It really isn’t much more complicated than that.

They’re not always so creepy. Some are downright adorable, like this throwback to Magical Girls (Sailor Moon, Card Captor Sakura, LoliRock).

When writers want prompts, I point them at Writing Prompts. There is literally a prompt for every writer/genre imaginable if the writer is willing to try.

Back to the game …

If they do another run, buy it.

The rules are simple—draw a prompt and a word card. You have one minute to craft an interesting chapter to a story, but if another player thinks they can do better, you get a boo card, leading to the challenger having to redo your chapter.

Writing.Prompts even created a Lonely Bard version of the rules, upping the challenge and bringing it to the wire on time.

I’m hoping they do expansion packs. I love playing card games with my family and with some of my closest friends. The prompts within this game and the challenges offered make this game one of the best ones for letting creativity flow.

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