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The Book Launch Planner

Launching your book into the world can be a nerve-wracking experience. From remembering who you wanted to hire, who you’ve contacted to share your release, and the timeline of when these little parts need to be done can make one feel as if they are going around in circles.

This planner was designed by Mandi Lynn.

The Book Launch Planner

I discovered Mandi Lynn on Instagram late in 2019. She ran a preorder special on The Book Launch Planner, and I received two gifts: stickers and a paperback freebie.

The Book Launch Planner and a sneak peek of a gift for preordering.

The stickers have a matte like texture, and they feel thick. I’ve pulled a few off and stuck them to paper, and they adhere well.

The second gift for preordering was a paperback copy of a book—I had the choice between a few. At the time of this writing, there are no more available. The book I picked was Grow Your Author Platform.

The main reason I chose this book out of the options is the Book Launch Planner focused on building a street team, gaining Instagram reviewers info, etc. All of which deal with expanding your reach on social media. This book paired the best with the planner.

I haven’t read it yet, but if it turns into a gem, you’ll be able to find it on my book recommendations page.

Example of a social media growth page found within the Book Launch Planner

From how to contact people for a cover reveal to building release parties and book signings, the information Lynn provides in the beginning saves the writer countless hours of second guesses and outdated internet blogs. These templates for communication are a wonderful and thoughtful addition.

A list of contact information for freelancers the writer has contacted.
Book Launch Time Line

The great thing about these pages isn’t just the ease at which you have this information on hand while you’re in the middle of a project. When you recommend or work on your next project, you can pull this out and have all the information with your notes right at your fingertips.

Monthless Calendar

No more wasted calendar days like a standard planner. This calendar isn’t a January to December. It gives you the freedom to adjust it to fit your launch schedule. Maybe you don’t need all twelve months or you’re doing a rapid release schedule, this planner is flexible to handle series as well as an individual book.

I saved my favorite parts for last. This planner had two things I wasn’t expecting, and I’m thrilled it did.

If you haven’t read my posts on marketing, then you might not realize the importance of these pages.

Marketing Plan Base Info

Lynn did a wonderful job putting some of the most crucial information needed at the beginning of this planner.

These pages help you understand your target audience: from comparative titles to understanding your ideal reader, and genres your book comfortably fits in. It gives you a foresight to think about things before tackling a cover or making a marketing plan that involves paid advertisements such as ENT or Bookbub and saves you time by understanding what you want in a book reviewer or street team member.

My next favorite part was the last page of this planner. Unlike a cheap planner, this book lays flat no matter what page you are on. It can help keep your workspace clean and save you space as you fill it out. There is also a handy pouch on the back cover to store things like stickers, business cards (networking at conventions), and receipts.

Do I think this is a wonderful investment for a first-time writer? Yes. Lynn did a great job making the task streamlined. She broke it down into bite-size pieces for you to consider.

It’s a guide that you can use repeatedly again for each launch, and it makes sure you didn’t forget something along the way. Glitches on launch day happen, but the check lists provided within the pages is the best chance you have of making sure your launch day goes without incident on your part.

Could this planner be modified to use for traditional authors? Yes.

Betas are a great thing for those going indie or traditional to make sure your book hits the right genre points. Even going traditional, it would benefit you to have an editor look over your query letter and synopsis. At KH Formatting, about a quarter of the clients have manuscripts formatted for submissions. Instead of Instagram bloggers, you could save the contact information for agents and publishers.

To learn more about the Book Launch Planner, check out Mandi Lynn’s website. Use Kari10 to save 10%.

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