Pitmad is a Twitter event that writers with completed and polished, ready to read manuscripts participate in to find agents, and publishers who are actively looking for books. It is open to all genres every quarter, and there are some genre specific ones throughout the year. PitMad lays all the rules and regulations out on their website (, but here’s a quick breakdown for you.


  • Plan ahead—Work out your tweets with the hashtag choices, make sure they fit within a single tweet, and have those options saved somewhere (Evernote is a great choice to save stuff on). Doing this will help keep stress low, and you won’t have pesky misspellings, wording issues, or hashtag mixups that creep up when you’re in a rush.
  • Variations—Have a few variations on your pitch (3 max). Agents and publishers have different tastes, and the first tweet you send out might not be the one that connects with them.
  • Retweet—Get your friends and followers to help you by retweeting. Remind them not to like the posts and to not add extra hashtags and such when they retweet. This is also a great chance to network with similar authors and create a retweet chain throughout the day.
  • Hashtags—Use the correct hashtags. PitMad has taken a lot of the guesswork out of that with a list. By using the correct hashtags, the editors and publishers actively looking for those genres can find you better. If you spam a lot of different hashtags that don’t fit, you will find rejections.


  • Don’t include your book’s title. That is eating up character spacing. Use those saved words on building a better tweet.
  • Don’t include pictures unless it is a children’s book full of illustrations or a graphic novel/comic.


After the Pitmad, go through the likes for your tweets.

  • Verify the likes are from honest agents and publishers and not vanity publishers.
  • Check the submission guidelines for the agents and publishers (most tweet their guidelines around the time of PitMads) and follow them. If you can’t find them, Shunn style ( is a great place to start with the basics and Pitmad has guidelines on their site.
  • If the publisher has previously rejected your pitch, the PitMad website walks you through how to handle that.

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