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AlphaSmart Neo2

For many writers, distraction free is a well sought-after moment in the day where they can write. For others, they want to enjoy somewhere other than their desk. Whatever their reasons, an AlphaSmart Neo 2 is an amazing piece of equipment.

What is an AlphaSmart Neo 2?

An AlphaSmart Neo is a full-size keyboard word processor. It runs off batteries and has a variety of built-in programs such as a program that helps you get better at typing.

It also has a built-in interface that would have been great for English classes and other essay-oriented classes.

It also has a feature where you can limit the number of lines shown making it ideal for those who have the habit of editing as they go instead of getting the draft done or for those who need slightly bigger font to read as they type.

How easy is it to use?

Instead of boring you with how easy, here’s a video I found on YouTube.

How expensive is it?

Like Cheyanne Young said, she got hers for $27. I spent around the same on Amazon.

The company, Renaissance, has discontinued making the AlphaSmart Neo, but that hasn’t stopped their popularity, making them cheap and found on places like Amazon and eBay.

Why should you consider an AlphaSmart Neo 2?

With programs like Google Docs, why should you get an independent word process that isn’t connected to the internet, runs on batteries (have I mentioned a set of batteries last over 700 hours), and is lightweight compared to even the smallest of laptops.

Here are my reasons:

  • Distraction Free—single purpose oriented (get your draft done)
  • Can’t get on FB
  • Portable—it is the size of a small laptop and weighs less than an average book.
  • Nearly indestructible—my kids have dropped it off the counter multiple times, and it still works.
  • 8 Files—each file holds 10,000 words
  • Easy to transfer the files into your favorite writing program like Word, Scrivener, or Google Docs
  • Uncomplicated. Unwrap it, put in batteries and start typing.
  • Quick turn on—literally seconds between turning it on and starting to type.

Maybe the AlphaSmart Neo2 isn’t for you. But if you’re looking for a portable alternative that doesn’t keep you chained to a phone with a small keyboard, wall charger, or a computer screen, try it.

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AlphaSmart Neo 2 Manual

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