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ARC Team File Management

ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) teams are some authors bread and butter. It helps expands word of mouth, gives loyal readers the chance to be part of the “me first” movement, and can stack your release week with reviews.

Building a solid team can be hard: finding people, handling the files, making sure they adhere to a timeline, and a million other little things.

Booksprout is a file giving, review tracking website. You’re able to see how many copies are claimed, where reviews are being left, and offers plans to fit your budget.

Now I’ve used Booksprout for Strings Attached and since then all my first in series have cycled through the system.

The first few times you use it, you might have problems navigating, but to be fair, we all had issues navigating things like Amazon or IngramSpark when we first started.


On even the cheapest option (Free), you can manage pen names. You don’t have to worry about your secret identity being leaked or mixing your reader base if you don’t want to.

Setting them up is easy too. You can give readers the chance to opt into your newsletter or get emails from Booksprout about ARCs.

You can adjust these by using the edit feature on the main pen name area.


Books houses a page that contains all the books you have uploaded info for. If you click on the title of your book, it takes you to a landing page that displays cover, blurb, purchase locations, etc. It’s actually a nice-looking landing page.


I can’t beat their promo blog post. I’m rather impressed.


ARCs are the key point of this article, and Booksprout’s design makes it one of the easiest, cleanest, and well understood at-a-glance websites I’ve ever ran across.

You can share the link on social media, use hashtags to narrow the focus to the readers you want, shows you how long until the reviews are due, how many have been claimed, and more.

Now, if you click where it says copies claimed, a list pops up. You can add ARC email addresses here if you give ARCs without going through Booksprout, and you can manually confirm reviews. This is another great ARC team management tool.

Report A Pirate

They explain it better than I could, but basically if you find it actually on a website, take the pirated versions, upload it, and their program will read the downloader code and block them from being able to use BookSprout again. Click here to visit the page.

That’s the basic overview of Booksprout.

I’m surprised more people use Instafreebie (Prolific) and Bookfunnel for ARCs with how amazing Booksprout is for that specific purpose. Sometimes a large net is nice, and that’s what I see Instafreebie and Bookfunnel are—large nets. The readers on those sites are, mostly, freebie hunters willing to sign up for newsletters than leave reviews. The books might sit on their e-readers for months, and unless you make a FB group and keep the link private on those sites, you will have to put in the legwork to manage the review team. Booksprout is by far the best ARC management. They hold the readers accountable, the site isn’t complex or outdated looking, and the ease of use is amazing.

I’m not in your situation. Maybe you want a completely hands-free experience or your time is better spent doing something else.

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This post was edited/proofed by ProWritingAid.

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