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Updating Your Files on Amazon

I think there’s a misconception with Amazon and updating ebooks. Yes, it is rather easy to update the file through the KDP dashboard, but that doesn’t send out a corrected version to the countless buyers who bought it until that newest version went “live.”

When you update an eBook on Amazon, only the buyers who purchase it afterwards get the newest version. For those who bought it earlier, there’s only one way to get them an updated version. Email Amazon through Author Central or through the KDP dashabord and request it.

For minor things, like a few spelling errors, they won’t do it unless you list every single error to prove that an update is warranted. For other customer service reps, a simple email suffices and they auto push it.

After Amazon pushes the update, 1 of 2 things happen:

  • The readers then get a notice on their Amazon dashboard—where they can see all the eBooks—about the update and can choose to accept the update.
  • For some huge changes—which only Amazon knows what constitutes as huge—they will notify and auto update the books on eReaders.

You don’t control which version they get. I’ve had to push updates 4 times. 2 times were simple and 2 times became a laundry list of changes I had to relay to Amazon’s technical team.

This is one reason I so highly recommend you have your final files when you upload. Make sure they are professionally edited and proofed because you don’t know what file someone may open on their kindle, and if it was the version before you updated the file, you may have just permanently lost a potential reader.

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