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Debugging Image Share on FB

Have you ever shared a link on FB and the wrong image appeared? Maybe it’s your website. Maybe it’s a blog post. But instead of what you thought would display, something else appeared as the accompanying image.

The process of making FB re-fetch the data and refresh the cache for your URL is simple, and I hope this helps.

First thing, make sure you’ve set your site’s “social share icon”. If you haven’t set that, having FB fetch will not change the icon to what you think it should be.

So, once you’ve set your image or maybe you change your image, later on down the road, you notice FB isn’t displaying the image you want, here’s what you do.

Go to this website:

Input your URL in the box.

Hit Debug (blue button).

What displays next shows the last time it pulled information (Time Scraped), what URLs are attached to it, and the Link Preview.

If the image in the Link Preview is not what you want to appear, click Scrape Again. If the correct image doesn’t display, check your hosting site and make sure you have it set up correctly and have FB refetch the data. It clears FB cache of your website’s information and gets the updated information so the images and such are displayed when you share your links.

As a warning, you may have to fetch new information a couple of times before the image you want to share is shared. So if it doesn’t work the first time, give it a minute and try again.

The links you share and those that you share of others reflects a brand. You worked hard on it, so make sure your links reflect it. Little things stack, so put your best foot forward.

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This post was edited/proofed by Dennis Doty and ProWritingAid.

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