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FB #Hack Intro Box—Author Presence

Have you ever been in a group, and someone tags a designer or an editor and then you spend the next half hour combing for a business page, website, etc. so you can get a good idea on their prices or styles before you contact them for something that should be easy to find?

The same thing happens in reading groups. Sometimes friends go to recommend your book, and instead of tagging your author page, they tag your user page. No harm. No foul. It just happens.

Here’s a helpful hack to help those people who may stumble upon your page whether it’s through a tag, a comment, etc.

Go to your page on FB. This isn’t the newsfeed tab with all your groups on the left-hand side. This is your wall. Your feed. It has your banner, and your profile pic. The easiest way is to click your name sandwiched between your current profile pic and the Home button. (Yes, I’m a huge My Hero Academia fan, and All Might/Small Might is my favorite followed by Eraser Head and Midnight.)

On the left-hand side, where you see the Intro spot with the little blue globe icon, that’s where we’ll be talking about on this post.

If you hover over your section, a little pencil icon will appear, allowing you to edit this box.

This is where your pages, your websites, and even groups (if they are public/closed and people can join) should be. This is where anyone who stumbles upon you, for whatever reason, can find your services, your books, your pages.

Don’t miss out on a potential client or a potential reader by not having something that anyone can see. This little section isn’t private, so even if your settings are locked down like Fort Knox, anyone can see this little box.

This doesn’t mean that your professional life is interfering with your private life. It just makes it easier for friends and strangers to find the information they need. (If you don’t want people to know about your super-secret pen name, don’t put it there.) You can also put your newsletter sign-up if you’d like. This box expands to fit.

It happens way more than I thought when I first learned of this little hack a few years ago. I see someone recommend someone’s services or someone’s new book, but they don’t link a fan page (and sometimes FB won’t allow us to link to pages) and trying to FB search them leads to a phone book’s worth of possibilities. Then Google either can’t find them or sends multiple possibilities (depends on the author’s SEO presence), and Amazon’s even worse.

It takes a few minutes to fill out, and the chance that someone might click is worth it. It’s free advertising. It’s another spot that someone might see and click. At the end of the spectrum, what is it going to hurt to have it filled out? You might not see clicks for a while? I think those with websites already know that it’s a waiting game. You might see clicks? Isn’t that a good thing?

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This post was edited/proofed by Dennis Doty and ProWritingAid.

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