New Site. Same Quality.

You may have noticed we're no longer on Wix. Bear with us a few weeks as we update and transfer all the blog posts from one site to this one. But don't think that's going to affect what we do on Writing without Drama. The posts aren't going to lose their personal touches. We're all… Continue reading New Site. Same Quality.



Ghostwriting has been around for some time. What are ghostwriters? Ghostwriters are hired to write literary or journalistic works (magazines/newspapers), speeches, or other texts that are officially credited to another person as the author. They take your idea/outline and flesh it out into a story. Most biographies are written by writers with no attachment to… Continue reading Ghostwriting

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Exploring Publishing Rights

First rights, World rights, One-time rights … the number of rights can make your head spin. Publishers look to rights, whether it’s first rights or reprint rights, specific markets and global. The rights dictate if something has been published before and can be the difference between earning 10¢ a word in a magazine publication vs… Continue reading Exploring Publishing Rights